In late July, John Werner ’92 hosted the 15th annual Boston Posse dinner celebration to meet the 10 Boston Posse Scholars who make up part of the incoming freshmen class. The event took place at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and included the 10 members of the Hamilton College Class of 2019 Victor Bene, Lynn English High School; Alexander Black, Doherty Memorial High School; Jaleel Davis, Prospect Hill Academy; Deborah Gakpo, Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School; Mariani German, Lynn English High School; Phinix Knight-Jacks, Codman Academy Charter School; Ricardo Millien, New Mission High School; Jasmine Nguyen, Malden High School; Anaidys Uribe, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate; Jesse Yu, Malden High School.

Every year, Posse Boston and Hamilton College have the privilege of working together to select a group of talented, diverse young students to join the Hamilton College community, and this year is no different. Hamilton College and Posse Boston have partnered for 15 years, and have included amazing leaders, including student body presidents, vice presidents and varsity team captains. The program has produced activists, turning their passions and voices to issues such as public health, LGBTQ rights and environmentalism-even going as far as personally lobbying members of the US Congress. These Scholars and alumni also have creative, entrepreneurial spirits: they are poets, they are business owners and they are community advocates. The Scholars of Hamilton Posse 15, like the Posses who have come before them, make up a diverse group of young leaders who are ready to join the Hamilton community. Each one of them is preparing to find both personal and academic success and, together, they are ready to make a positive impact at Hamilton College.

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