Jones Presents Paper at Rutgers

Derek Jones
Derek Jones

Derek Jones, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics, co-presented “Efficiency and Job Satisfaction in Employee-Owned Enterprises: An Economic Case Study of Mondragon” at the Mid-Year Fellows Workshop. The workshop was held Feb. 24-25 at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. The paper was co-presented by Mondragon University professor Monica Gago, who also co-authored the paper with Saioa Arando of Mondragon University, Colgate University’s Takao Kato and Jones.


The paper presented the results of an econometric study of Ersoki, a Spanish retail food chain and member of the Mondragon group of worker cooperatives. Two types of Eroski stores were compared – hypermarkets, with significant or moderate employee ownership, and supermarkets, which have little or no employee ownership. The study looked at differences in sales growth and job satisfaction in the two groups of stores.


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