Joseph Mwantuali

L’impair de la nation (2022) by Joseph Mwantuali book coverL’impair de la nation, by Professor of French Joseph Mwantuali, was recently published in Paris by Présence Africaine.

Written in 2004, L’impair de la nation is a novel that first placed a woman as a head of state in Africa, before this became reality in Liberia. Mwantuali said this is a reviewed version of the 2007 edition, published by Clé in Cameroon.

The new version includes a preface by writer Maryse Condé, a 2018 Alternative Nobel Prize winner. “The honor of being published by Présence Africaine and prefaced by Maryse Condé is very humbling to me,” Mwantuali noted.

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