November '97 to Publish Biomedical Computing

Joseph November '97
Joseph November '97

In the spring, The Johns Hopkins University Press will publish Biomedical Computing: Digitizing Life in the United States by Joseph November '97.  The book explores both how computers changed how life is studied and how the life sciences contributed to computing. 

According to the book abstract: "Computers and biomedical research are now so intimately connected that it is difficult to imagine when such critical work was offline. Biomedical Computing transports readers back to such a time and investigates how computers first appeared in the research lab and doctor's office... November's thoroughly researched and lively study makes clear for readers the motives behind computerizing the study of life and how that technology profoundly affects biomedical research even today."

November is an assistant professor of history at the University of South Carolina, where he teaches courses in history of the life sciences and medicine, history of computing, and modern American history. He is currently working on a biography of computing pioneer Robert S. Ledley.

At Hamilton, November majored in history and minored in biology.

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