Julianne Tylko '10 Volunteers with Chicago Youth

Julianne Tylko '10
Julianne Tylko '10

This August, Julianne Tylko '10 began a year of service in Chicago with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). The JVC, a non-profit organization founded in 1956 in rural Alaska and based in Baltimore, accepts 300 volunteers annually to work nationally and globally with marginalized members of society—the homeless, the unemployed, the elderly, the abused, the disabled, street youth, and the mentally ill. In integrating the four JVC values of social justice, community, spirituality and simplicity into a daily life of service, the Jesuit Volunteers (JVs) are called to selflessly put themselves aside which helps them serve most effectively these populations. As a program coordinator for Family Connections, an after-school program in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood (a very low-income area), Tylko will help children gain the tools and confidence in the academic strength, leadership development, and emotional growth they can use to excel in their lives. By living simply among those they are serving, JVs can most effectively establish a personal relationship with a surrounding community in order to truly experience the effects of social injustice and most efficiently work to change the situation – Tylko says she is so thrilled to have such an opportunity to do so.


Tylko majored in Biochemistry and Classical Studies and was a Resident Advisor and an active member of the Newman Council, Hamilton College Chemistry Society, and the Figure Skating Club.

By Briana Wagner '13

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