Julie Cron '94

Because I really wanted to spend some time abroad (I did the Hamilton in France program my Junior year), I didn’t complete my premed requirements within four years. However, I think this worked to my advantage, as it gave me the opportunity to explore the health care field while I was completing the medical school requirements and doing my applications.

I had the good fortune of working in Washington, D.C., at the American College of Ob/Gyns. I was exposed to health care policy and advocacy, and I met many amazing Ob/Gyns who inspired me to become one myself. I attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and did my Ob/Gyn training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

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I then practiced Ob/Gyn with a private group practice in New Haven, Conn., for 12 years. Recently (1 year ago), I made a career change, and became a full time member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine. A large part of my job now involves training young doctors to become specialists in Ob/Gyn. In thinking about the past 22 years since I graduated from Hamilton, I feel fortunate that my involvement in medicine, and Ob/Gyn in particular, has given me the opportunity to explore so many different avenues. As an Ob/Gyn, one can be a surgeon, a primary care doctor, a researcher, a teacher, or a policy advocate.

Julie Cron ’94 was a biology major and a French minor at Hamilton. She is currently a member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine. 

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