Juliette Reiss ’03. Illustration: Jack Confrey ’19

Not surprisingly, Juliette Reiss ’03, an actress in Los Angeles, participated in theatre productions at Hamilton. But she also loved singing with the College Choir and the a cappella group Tumbling After, for which she served as president. 

“When I first moved out here, I knew only one person, from Hamilton actually, who introduced me to a girl who has become one of my best friends. She joined Angel City Chorale about four years ago, and I’d go to her concerts. Every time I walked away, I missed it — I missed singing!” 

Angel City Chorale is an LA-based choir with 160 singers ranging in age from 19 to 88. After the choir’s December 2017 concert, Reiss decided to try out. After just three weeks with the group, word came that the popular NBC show America’s Got Talent had invited them to audition, most likely after seeing clips online. After receiving the coveted “golden buzzer” at their first performance, ACC advanced to the semifinals before elimination. 

“We come from different backgrounds, religions, locations, and viewpoints, and in coming together, we learn different languages, about different cultures, and about each other,” Reiss said. “The big message [of ACC] is to promote diversity and celebrate those things that make us individuals, but still come together and make something beautiful.”

Lynn Kim ’21 (whose high school vocal teacher is also a member of Angel City Chorale) 

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