Kamiya Invited to Present at Poster Session in Japan

Masaaki Kamiya
Masaaki Kamiya
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Masaaki Kamiya and Akemi Matuya of Takachiho University in Japan were invited to present at a poster session of the Japanese Society for Language Sciences at Tokyo Denki University, on July 4-5.

They maintained that the interpretations of Japanese Negative Polarity Items (NPIs) and Universal Quantifier (UQ) are closely related Phonological factor. Kamiya and Matuya showed how native speakers of Japanese interpret both UQ and NPIs with changing accent patterns and discovered that the relevant interpretations of UQ and NPI have to do with how they assign phonological contour. They also conducted statistical evaluations as to how contextual factors play an important role for the relevant interpretations.
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