Suzanne Keen

Suzanne Keen, VPAA/Dean of Faculty and Professor of Literature, recently published four book chapters. One, “Empathy Studies,” appears in a Wiley Blackwell volume, A Companion to Literary Theory, edited by David H. Richter.  The second, “Narrative and the Embodied Reader,” appears in co-editors Zara Dinnen and Robyn Warhol's edited reference work, The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Narrative Theories.

The third, “Novels and Readers,” makes up a chapter of Eric Bulson (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Novel.

An abstract of the fourth, “Digital Humanities in the Teaching of Narrative,” can be viewed here. It appears in editor Richard Jacobs' Palgrave Macmillan volume, Teaching Narrative, a part of the Teaching the New English series. All four came out in late summer 2018.

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