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Janet Simons and Kerri Grimaldi '16
Janet Simons and Kerri Grimaldi '16

Kerri Grimaldi '16 and Janet Thomas Simons, co-director of Hamilton's Digital Humanities Initiative, gave a poster presentation, "Empowering Student Digital Scholarship: CLASS Program as a model for digital humanities scholarship in the Liberal Arts" on July 10 at the International Digital Humanities Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The poster abstract described DHi's CLASS program for undergraduate research in the humanities and was co-authored with Grimaldi and DHi co-director and Associate Professor of Africana Studies Angel David Nieves. 

At the poster session, Simons discussed the CLASS program and student outcomes with conference participants seeking to establish similar models for undergraduate research at their institution.  Grimaldi explained her experience as a CLASS scholar. This included demostrating her website tracing the depth of Emily Dickinson’s influence in Shahid’s poem, “A Nostalgist’s Map of America."

Grimaldi's project illustrates in four parts not only the influence of Dickinson on Shahid's work but also that his work responded to and interpreted hers, such that their works are in conversation with each other.

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