Kevin P. Davidsen '94 Writes Book

Alumnus Kevin P. Davidsen '94 is the author of 600 DAYS: A Motivational Adventure to 30 Countries, published by American Literary Press.  Davidsen's book chronicles his 600-day backpacking journey around the world.

Davidsen, a double major in psychology and economics, has in his words, "created a motivational experience that intertwines book, Web and facilitated discussion."  In 1996, he began his trip around the world with the goal to create a motivational book that high school and college students would relate to.  According to Davidsen, " 'The 600 Days Experience' will help students maximize the benefit of their educational experience as it helps them to set goals, reduce stress, and actualize their dreams."  He has also created a website   600Days.com, to support the efforts of the book.  He hopes the website further facilitates the "reader's journey" after they finish the book.  

With the help of journal entries in his diary and exercises, Davidsen tells about his 600 days backpacking around the world.  He thinks these stories will help students realize that their dreams can become a reality when they are still young.

The book is distributed to college students in college orientation packets as well through Internet distribution.  It is not sold in bookstores.  More information is available on:

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