Green (right) with friends at reunions
Green (right) with friends at reunions

Recently, Operation Fuel welcomed Kimberly O’Brien Green ’89 to their team. As Director of Development, she will oversee the organization’s fund-raising, development and marketing efforts.

Green, who began the first 15 years of her career in private equity and investment management, says that her investment background is actually what drew her toward eventual involvement with the annual funds of non-profit institutions. Thus, for the following 7 years, she worked in education assisting with the annual funds of several private schools, a career path which culminated in a role as Director of Annual Giving and Operations at Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, CT.

It was these career experiences with non-profit institutions that Green found particularly instrumental in preparing her for her new role at Operation Fuel. While working in education, Green says she was able to “learn the non-profit industry from the ground up,” which equipped her with many of the crucial skills she has relied on in growing Operation Fuel’s development department.

Additionally, Green enjoys her involvement with Operation Fuel for the difference she is able to make in struggling communities. The non-profit organization focuses on providing emergency energy assistance to lower-income households, the elderly and disabled in Connecticut, an effort that Green wholeheartedly supports. “Everyone can relate to being cold,” she says, adding that she likes that this role will allow her to truly make a difference in the communities that Operation Fuel serves. Additionally, Green has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the organization itself. “The development department is still evolving,” she notes, “which provides ample opportunity for real change and involvement,” a challenging aspect of the role that she embraces.

Aside from her various career experiences, Green also credits her Hamilton College education for furnishing her with a strong foundation in writing. While attending Hamilton as an undergraduate, she took advantage of Hamilton’s liberal arts offerings and enrolled in classes in a plethora of subjects. Reflecting on her time at Hamilton, Green emphasizes warm memories with friends and remarks that she continues to remain in contact with both her classmates and the College.

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