Renovations to Kirkland Cottage are nearly complete, and we invite you to browse through the gallery above to see the work-in-progress.

The project is part of a Campus Heritage Plan designed to assess and preserve the rich history of the College and its physical assets. The scope of the work, which was done in consultation with a preservation architect, included the removal and repair of windows, doors, and shutters, and the installation of replica clapboards and trim.

Purportedly the first frame building in Clinton, Kirkland Cottage was constructed in 1793 near the bottom of College Hill and served as home to the Rev. Samuel Kirkland, founder of the Hamilton-Oneida Academy. The building was moved to the College Cemetery in 1878 and subsequently relocated to campus in 1929 to assure its preservation.

Throughout its long history, Kirkland Cottage has been modified several times; however, its general form, scale, and framing system remain from its original construction. Several interior features also appear to survive.

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