Klinkner Discusses Obama Election and Presidency

Philip Klinkner
Philip Klinkner
In an interview on central New York's public radio station WRVO-FM, Philip Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government, spoke about the voting patterns that emerged in the presidential election and the role played by race. During the interview with news director Chris Ulanowski on Jan. 16, Klinkner also discussed the parallels between the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and an Obama presidency. Klinkner, who will be attending the inauguration on Jan. 20, is the co-author of The Unsteady March: The Rise and Decline of America's Commitment to Racial Equality.

Klinkner also was interviewed on the election of Barack Obama and the inauguration on Palm Springs' KPSI during its morning show on Jan. 15.

Listen to Philip Klinkner's interview 4:15

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