Philip Klinkner

Utica-based FM station WUTQ declared Philip Klinkner “pretty much spot on” after conducting live interviews the day of and the day after Super Tuesday with the James S. Sherman Professor of Government. Klinkner offered predictions and subsequent analysis of the outcomes. Syracuse’s Post-Standard also sought Klinkner’s perspectives on the previous day’s voting in an article titled Super Tuesday takeaways from 5 CNY political observers published on Wednesday, March 2.

During the radio interview, Klinkner noted that Cruz did better than he had anticipated and that it was hard to see where Rubio had any wins going forward. He predicted that Massachusetts was too close to call in the Democratic race but said that it is a state that Sanders "really needed to win and that losing it would make it extraordinarily hard to gain ground” going forward. He asserted that Sanders would stay in the race, however, having just raised $40 million in the last month and that “Sanders needs to win the industrial heartland elections which are coming up.”

Turning to the Republican side, Klinkner told the Post-Standard, “More and more Republicans are going to start to make their peace with Donald Trump. Not everyone will do so and some will opt to skip Election Day or vote for Clinton. At this point the question is not can somebody beat Donald Trump, it's a question can they deny him a first ballot majority at the convention. … the Republicans don't appear to have a clear alternative to Trump,” he observed. 

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