Kruidenier Tolliver '02 Publishes Article in Journal

Julie-Françoise Kruidenier Tolliver '02
Julie-Françoise Kruidenier Tolliver '02
Visiting Assistant Professor of French Julie-Françoise Kruidenier Tolliver's '02 article "Francophone Manifestos: On Solidarity in the French-Speaking World" was published in a special double-issue edition of the International Journal of Francophone Studies, focusing on current international trends in French-language literature. 

The volume centers around the concept of littérature-monde, a concept introduced and developed in 2007. Littérature-monde is not quite the French equivalent of the English term "world literature"; rather, it is meant to replace the France/francophonie dichotomy with a more unified concept of international literature written in French. Kruidenier's contribution places the littérature-monde manifesto in the context of earlier French-language manifestos, comparing the different solidarities that these manifestos construct.
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