Jaime Lee Kucinskas.

Research initiated by Assistant Professor of Sociology Jaime Kucinskas at the March for Science was highlighted in a WIRED magazine online article on April 24 titled Scientists Actually Did Some Science at the March for Science.

Kucinskas is looking at the reactions federal scientists may have to the change in administrations and possible policy shifts. Her goal is to collect interviews with participants as soon as possible.

 “Right now, it seems like people are waiting for Trump to appoint more people in power to see what kind of changes are going to affect these agencies,” said Kucinskas, as quoted by WIRED. Using a one-page paper survey rather than any electronic method, she hopes to interview subjects during next weekend’s Climate March in Washington as well.

According to the article, “With budget cuts proposed for several federal science agencies, older researchers are telling Kucinskas that the current fight over federal science is similar to what happened during the Reagan administration of the 1980s.”

“But things are changing quickly,” she said. “From a social science perspective, it takes years for research. So how do we get answers to these questions?”

Kucinskas hopes to collect enough contacts at both marches  to be able to conduct more in-depth in-person interviews by phone later. 

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