Eric Kuhn ’09

Eric Kuhn ’09, the chief marketing officer at Layer3 TV in Denver, Colorado, was recently named on Cablefax’s 2016 Overachievers Under 30 list, which identifies “emerging young talent in broadcast, cable, digital and technology.” The company will host an awards celebration event on Dec. 14 at The Standard Highline in New York City.

Cablefax, a company providing cable executives with comprehensive industry overview and other resources for cable professionals, named 44 individuals for the 2016 calendar year who set a high bar for “professional excellence, forward thinking and pioneering spirit.”

WIRED called Kuhn “Hollywood’s first social media agent,” saying, ““Kuhn's focus has shifted to disrupting TV. At Layer3 TV, he is responsible for selling the public an all-in-one experience as habits switch to on-demand, online content providers.”

At Hamilton, Kuhn majored in government and was a member of the Media Board and The Spectator.

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