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Eric Kuhn '09
Eric Kuhn '09
Employing a relatively new media vehicle called blogtalkradio, senior Eric Kuhn has published a Huffington Post article, "Books About the Economy Hit the Shelves," that offers a summary of and links to interviews with five writers of recently published books focused on the economy. Kuhn interviewed each author on his radio program, Kuhn & Company, originally launched on WHCL and accessible now on blogtalkradio.com.

The authors and their books include Dave Hitz, author of How to Castrate a Bull: Unexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth, and Success in Business; John Talbott, a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs and author of Contagion: The Financial Epidemic That is Sweeping the Global Economy...and How to Protect Yourself from It; Jeffrey Fox, author of Rain: What a Paperboy Learned About Business, Allan Roth, author of How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street: Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn; and John Eckberg, columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer and author of The Success Effect.

BlogTalkRadio is a social radio network that allows users to connect quickly and directly with their audience using an ordinary telephone and computer. Shows with unlimited participants are automatically archived and made available as podcasts.

Kuhn was also quoted in a Columbia University news wire story, "On Gchat, everyone can hear you scream." The article analyzed a Gmail quirk that "is causing weird levels of discomfort. …When another Gmail user e-mails you, he or she automatically appears on your Gchat 'buddy list,' and vice versa. You become a part of each other's Gchat family, so to speak, and find yourself with a permanent on-screen window into the other's life." Kuhn explained that there is a social etiquette in using Gchat and warned that if a user breaks that social etiquette, the offending user risks being blocked.

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