Kuhn Article Posted on CBS Web Site

Following Monday's CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate, CBS News summer intern and rising junior Eric Kuhn wrote an article about his observations of the novel event. The article was posted on CBS' "Couric & Co." blog on the CBS Web site. "Couric & Co." is a Web log whose principle contributors are CBS News producers and correspondents from around the world that, according to the site, focuses on "things large and small, from the meaningful to the amusing." 

Kuhn's entry addressed the fact that most televised presidential debates are boring, particularly for his generation who are much more attuned to alternate communication channels delivering information in a faster, less predictable fashion. He described the debate as "historic, not in the sense of 'old media' or even 'new media.' It was historic because it was "OUR media," the media of my generation. And you can bet that if we paid attention, CNN had our attention the entire time, due to the fast-paced, new format."
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