Zhuoyi Wang

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages Zhuoyi Wang was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times on Chinese-language cinema for an article titled Threatened by the ‘Chinese Oscars,’ China rips the world of Chinese movies in two. The piece focused on China's new move to ban its movies and filmmakers from Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards, which had been considered the “Oscars” in Chinese-language cinema.

Wang sees the ban as Chinese authorities' attempt to set Chinese-language film-making standards via their own movie awards, the Golden Rooster. According to Wang, the new divide between the two awards is unfortunate, yet it has also bridged some other divides that existed in the past. For example, it created opportunities for films from countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, which are at the margin of the Chinese-speaking world, to gain the attention they deserve in the Golden Horse competition. The article appeared on Nov. 26 in the Los Angeles Times and in many other newspapers around the world.

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