Gabe Linden '20, right, and Dr. Maximillian Soong, a hand surgeon, minutes before entering the OR.

Gabe Linden ’20 has a bone to pick with his summer internship. Literally.

An intern at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Linden has spent the past couple months assisting the practice’s orthopedic research manager with various clinical studies. Lahey is a physician-led nonprofit organization with renowned specialty resources and primary care services in centers throughout northeastern Massachusetts. Linden’s work and research, based near Boston, focuses on surgery involving the musculoskeletal system.

With Lahey, Linden primarily helps the research manager collect, enter, and analyze patient data, conducts literature research, and aids the director with enrolling new patients into research trials. He noted that his internship is “a combination of research and clinical experience,” which gives him a breadth of tasks. Activities include receiving clinic patients, attending informative orthopedic conferences, assisting a sports surgeon who works for the Boston Bruins, attending “Bone School” with the Boston University Orthopaedic residents, and observing surgeries.

About Gabriel Linden ’20

Major: Biology

Hometown: Madison, NY

High School: Madison Central School

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Initially daunted by the new terms and responsibilities at Lahey, Linden grew more comfortable with the scope of orthopedic work. “My internship was slightly overwhelming at first because I was presented with a tremendous amount of new words, acronyms, and tasks. But, the job has a steep learning curve so at this point I’m much more acclimated to the position,” he said.

Linden plans to attend medical school after he graduates from Hamilton. Likewise, he is an active member of the Red Cross Club at Hamilton and is currently training to be a volunteer ambulance driver. During the school year, he also works as a tour guide and participates in Men’s Club Soccer.

Linden said that his internship with Lahey has advanced his passion for the medical field. In addition to exposing him to sub-specialties of orthopedics, working with Lahey has helped Linden realize both an enthusiasm for pediatrics and that he can pursue a career that involves all his medical interests. 

Pushing him along his medical career, Linden’s summer internship has overall bolstered his professional aspirations and further established him in the medical world. He said, “My internship has sparked an interest to further pursue clinical research while also reinforcing my passion to ultimately become a doctor.”

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