Jeff Larson

A show for which Resident Designer and Production Manager for Theatre Jeff Larson designed the video will premiere at the Old Vic Theatre in London next week. “17c” is the newest Big Dance Theater ensemble work, built around the problematic 17th-century diaries of Samuel Pepys. 

According to Big Dance Theater’s website, “Pepys danced, sang, strummed, shopped, strove, bullied and groped — and he recorded all of it in his diary, completely unfiltered. From his bunions, to his infidelities, to his perversions, to his meetings with the King, he needed to get his daily life down on paper, or he felt lost. A startling precursor to our own social media culture, Pepys possessed a similar compulsion to assign an almost constant real-time meaning to his daily existence, to examine himself, and obsessively report it.”

Conceived and directed by Annie-B Parson (Here Lies Love, National Theatre; Lazarus), New York City-based company Big Dance Theater makes its UK premiere at The Old Vic.

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