Latino Alumni Celebrate at Salsa Catering

Alumni gather at Salsa Catering
Alumni gather at Salsa Catering
Almost 50 alumni, family and friends gathered for the "Three Kings Day" celebration at Salsa Catering in New York City. Daniel Garcia '84, the owner of Salsa Catering, not only hosted but also provided all the food, helping to make it, according to Larry Arias '84, who organized the event, an "evening to remember!"

The evening was filled with a plethora of amazing foods; fresh plantains and tortilla chips with assorted salsa dips, ensalada verde (Salsa signature salad), alcapurrias de guineo (green bananas and beef croquettes) and many other wonderful Latino delicacies. Of course it was all very delicious and a joy to have a new assortment of food!

Salsa Catering is an on-site and off-site catering and event planning service. They cater events for a wide variety of clients such as Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Bill Cosby, Block Buster Productions, Columbia University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and now, Hamilton College.

The Latino alumni association is planning more events for 2008:

Latinas in Finance

Cynthia Conde '01, who works at Goldman Sachs, is pulling together this career panel. Please contact her with suggestions. (If you don't have My Hamilton log on, please send your message to alumni@hamilton.edu and we will forward your message.)

Hamilton Latino Network Summertime Barbeque

Sandra Cepeda '97 is putting together a Hamilton Latino Network Summertime Barbeque.

Hamilton Latino Network Winter Vacation

Contact Doris Urbina '97 if you have ideas or are interested in Winter Vacation with the Hamilton Latino Network. 

Latino News

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