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Hamilton in the News - Aug. 2021

Major national and regional news organizations regularly interview Hamilton faculty, staff, and students for their expertise and perspectives on current events, and to feature programs and activities on campus. Highlights of last month’s coverage have been compiled by the Media Relations Office. Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content. Please contact Senior Director of Media Relations Vige Barrie if you cannot open the link and do not have a subscription.

Charlottesville's Lee Statue Belongs in a Museum History News Network, Aug. 1
John Troast ’23 wrote this essay about the recently removed statue of Robert E. Lee.

It's time we recognize our mutual vulnerabilityThe Hill, Aug. 3
Professor of Government Peter Cannavo wrote about the need for collective action to address climate change.

How to Write a College Essay—U.S. News & World Report, Aug. 3
Associate Dean of Admission Niki Barron contributed to this article.

Tracking circadian rhythms from your smartwatch – Science Daily, Aug. 3
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Clark Bowman’s research was featured.

Opinion: The losers of Jan. 6 are trying to sanitize their sedition – The Washington Post, Aug. 6
Post columnist Dana Milbank featured Chamberlain Fellow Ty Seidule prominently in his essay.

Attacked from Both Sides – Inside Higher Ed Aug. 10
President Wippman co-wrote this essay about free speech, warning that erosion of free inquiry and expression poses grave risks.

Crisis in the Kremlin: Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov – WNYC’s Aria Code, Aug. 11
Professor of History Shoshana Keller spoke about this Russian figure featured prominently in an opera.

Do corporate pledges to fight climate change go far enough? – Marketplace, Aug. 13
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Aaron Strong commented on this question.

How has the Federal Reserve’s bond buying helped the economy? – Marketplace, Aug. 19
Professor of Economics Ann Owen was interviewed on this question.

Déjà Vu All Over Again? – Inside Higher Ed, Aug. 19
President Wippman co-authored this essay about the challenges to strike the right balance between offering safety and a normal college experience in light of the risks of COVID.

Give Her 50 Minutes. She’ll Play 18 Holes Under Par. – The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 20
Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach Lauren Cupp was featured by this paper and later in the week on Bloomberg TV.

Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine – Air Mail, Aug. 24
This article described the Wellin’s next exhibition.

A Union for Admissions Workers – Inside Higher Ed, Aug. 27
A group of admission tour guides is seeking the right to collective bargaining.

Is Your College Communications Strategy Ready for Gen Z 2.0? – Inside Higher Ed, Aug. 31
Vice President of Communications and Marketing Melissa Richards wrote about communication strategies.





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