Leading Leaders: How to Manage Smart, Talented, Rich and Powerful People

With Salacuse’s seven daily tasks of leadership, the leader can build meaningful relationships with the difficult members of their company and move beyond the uncooperative power struggles that cause problems for so many organizations.


Leading Leaders breaks the challenge down into the Seven Daily Tasks of Leadership, and shows you how to carry out each task when you have to manage other leaders. The seven tasks and the special challenges they entail in leading leaders are:

1. Direction How do you negotiate a vision for the organization that other leaders will buy into?
2. Integration How do you make stars a team?
3. Mediation How do you resolve conflicts over turf and power among other leaders so the organization can move forward?
4. Education How do you educate people who think they are already educated?
5. Motivation How do you move other leaders who already seem “to have everything” to do the right thing for the organization?
6. Representation How do you lead your organization’s outside constituents while still leading leaders inside?
7. Trust Creation How do you gain and keep other leaders’ trust, the vital capital that your own leadership depends on?
Drawing on the author’s own leadership experience as well as his research in the corporate, political, academic, and professional worlds, Leading Leaders answers these questions with a clear set of effective rules for all managers to follow in successfully leading other leaders.


“Perhaps no more important challenge faces leaders today than how to lead in horizontal organizations where they cannot just give orders but must rely principally on persuasion and negotiation. In this wise, practical, and lucid book, Jeswald Salacuse advises us on how to succeed in this new world. I recommend it!”
—William Ury, Harvard University; coauthor of Getting to Yes; author of The Third

“Great stuff, full of revelations on making a team out of the star players in any outfit, and leading it on to victory.”
—John Galvin, General U.S. Army, retired; former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

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