Spencer Vogelbach '18 in a music production studio in the Kennedy Arts Center

If you’re looking for Spencer Vogelbach ’18 and he isn’t playing baseball, try the sound studio in Hamilton’s Kennedy Center. Vogelbach majors in econ, minors in government, pitches on the varsity baseball team and is a dedicated musician. He took a digital recording class his sophomore year and learned a lot, even though he was already experienced in digital music creation. He says the professor was outstanding. So were the facilities. “The equipment is state-of-the art. I mean, they loaded that studio up with everything that a student could possibly want, or even a professional,” Vogelbach says.

He ended up getting a job in the studio. He spent the summer before his junior year in an internship with at SONY Pictures Entertainment in international distribution for television. Vogelbach is aiming for a career working at an entertainment firm like SONY, a place with fast-paced and creative environment.

“The idea is to take economics, the business side, the analytics, and combine it with my passion for music, making music and watching movies and all that,” Vogelbach says.

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