Brian Ferrell ’16

With his interest in law as an eventual career, Hamilton’s jurisprudence, law and justice studies minor, was a natural choice for Brian Ferrell ’16, and it dovetailed perfectly with his economics major. Ferrell graduated from Hamilton to take a job with General Electric Transportation, in its Financial Management Program.

For the next two years he will rotate in and out of different finance roles around the world. “For my first rotation, I am in Chicago on the Finance IT team doing simplification projects,” he says.

He’s plenty busy. Besides work, Ferrell is taking corporate classes to learn about financial planning and analysis, controllership, and strategy  – while attending LSAT courses on the weekends. It’s a lot but he says he’s equipped for the challenges. He has the writing skills to communicate effectively at work and, when it comes to economics, he can see the big picture. His intro to computer science course has come in handy, too. Down the road is law school, and Ferrell considers himself well positioned for that, too.

“I am hoping to combine a law degree with the finance skills I am currently developing. Ideally, I would end up practicing securities law or another finance-related path,” he says.

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