Michelle LeMasurier and Andrew Dykstra
Michelle LeMasurier and Andrew Dykstra

Associate Professor of Mathematics Michelle LeMasurier and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Andrew Dykstra were co-authors of two papers published in June.

“Topological conjugacy to given constant length substitution minimal systems” appeared in Indagationes Mathematicae. The authors generalized results of LeMasurier’s work with two colleagues at Wesleyan University and characterized a certain class of dynamical systems called substitution minimal systems up to topological conjugacy. 

Another paper, “A short proof of a theorem of Cobham on substitutions,” was published in the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. LeMasurier and Dykstra reworked a theoretical computer science result of Alan Cobham from 1969. They converted the result into the context of their work in dynamical systems, as a statement about the lengths of two substitution minimal systems that are conjugate, and gave a straightforward proof.

Last summer, LeMasurier presented results from these two papers at the 28th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications at Nipissing University in Canada. Dykstra also attended that conference.

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