Li Quoted in BusinessWeek Article

In an October 2nd BusinessWeek article titled "Chinese Policymakers Turn to the Lawyers," William R. Kenan Professor of Government Cheng Li spoke about the future leadership of China. In discussing the "fifth generation" of leaders and those ascending the ranks below them, Li observed that, "The trend is very clear: Over the next five to 10 years more lawyers will move into the driving seat of Chinese politics." 

In the last 18 months China has put into law a large body of commercial legislation related to antitrust, bankruptcy, company activity, property rights, labor contracts and securities issues. Li observed that, "The issues of the law are only partly related to the rise of lawyers but more to do with the realization that these laws are important to the country. The technocrat leadership was introduced to the country by Deng Xiaoping but he wasn't a technocrat. Hu is no lawyer but he has introduced legal reforms."
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