Olivia Box '17, Jon Giardina '18, Drew McArthur '19 and Emmy Hedison '17.

Although STEM is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Hamilton students who had internships in those fields emphasized that it was their liberal arts education that made them stand apart.

The most recent installment of “How I Got My Internship Lunch Series” focused on STEM internships. Four students across various class years comprised the panel: Jon Giardina ’18 NASDAQ Stock Company (Automation), Emily Hedison ’17 Northeastern’s Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, Drew McArthur ’19 software intern at Imedia Solutions LLC, and Olivia Box ’17 UVM Department of Natural Resources.

Student Career Center employees asked each panelist to describe their internship and what led them to their experience — from the search for an internship to the application process.

Hedison highlighted the importance of Hamilton connections throughout the internship process, noting it helped secure her internship and lead to a successful experience. When applying for opportunities for this summer, McArthur has been speaking with alumni who has given helpful advice regarding applying, especially for interviews.

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Hamilton offers numerous options for internships, including an intensive summer program, that provide important ways to explore careers. College funding allows students to take internships in which they otherwise might not be able to afford to participate.

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Both Box and Giardina noted it was important to search early and be proactive. Giardina began applying to Nasdaq in October of last year, and continued to pursue applications into March.

Across the board, the STEM panelists emphasized that a liberal arts education can separate students from the competitive application pool. As a math major, Hedison was well prepared for her internship at Northeastern. But it was also her writing skills that made her public health internship a successful experience.

Box noted that highlighting the liberal arts curriculum in her application made her stand out as an applicant.

After the set questions, students asked specific questions to the panelists, with an emphasis on the internship search.

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