Lizzi Tran '18, center, with Mena Hassan from UMASS Boston and Lauren Benoit from Northeastern University.

Lizzi Tran ’18 was selected to participate in the first Obama Foundation Training Day in Boston on Nov. 18.  Tran, a Posse scholar from Boston, served as Hamilton Student Assembly vice president in 2016.

Over the past two months, the Obama Foundation has launched three pilot civics training programs across Chicago, Tempe, and Boston where accepted students learn how to take their ideas and enact proactive change in their communities. In a day-long session of workshops and discussions, participants learn how to identify personal and community assets and how to storyboard action plans for community initiatives.

Workshop topics this year included discussions about food deserts, homelessness, high prison recidivism rates, and the importance of promoting civil discourse.

Tran is a government major and interned for Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey.

“From the training, I not only learned how to transform incubated ideas into viable action in my communities, but I also gained an entire network of fellow young civic leaders who are passionate and committed to supporting me along the way,” said Tran. “Above all, the training made me determined to stand up for justice and be a catalyst for social change.”

These pilot trainings will help the Obama Foundation develop future programming focused on teaching a new generation of leaders how to initiate change in their communities.

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