Long-Time Trustee, Alumni Volunteer to Deliver Class and Charter Day Address at Hamilton College

Robert Howard, former securities executiveand long-time Hamilton College trustee and community volunteer, will deliverthe annual Class and Charter Day address at Hamilton College on Friday, May 8.His talk is titled "Straddling the War at Hamilton."

The convocation, which marks the end of the 1997-98 academic year, will beginat 3 p.m. in the Chapel. In addition to Howard's talk, the college willrecognize outstanding student achievement during the preceding year through theawarding of prizes and other honors. The event is open to the public.

Howard came to Hamilton from nearby Binghamton with the help of a collegescholarship. As with many in his generation, his studies were interrupted bythe war, but he returned to College Hill and received his bachelor's degree in1948. He joined his family's hardware business after graduation, but left fiveyears later to begin what would become a highly successful career in thesecurities industry.

Beginning with Reynolds & Company brokerage firm, he contributed, over thenext 30 years, to the company's expansion and success, eventually retiring in1984 as executive vice president of what had become Dean Witter Reynolds. Overthose years, Howard was also an active member of his community, working withthe local Republican Committee, the zoning board of appeals, the United Fund,the local hospital and his church.

Howard also has served since 1975 as a member of Hamilton's Board of Trustees,including service as the regional chair of the Campaign for the '90s. In 1996,on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his graduation from the College,Howard was presented with an honorary degree from his alma mater.

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