MacDonald Publishes in Film Quarterly and Artforum

Scott MacDonald
Scott MacDonald
Visiting Professor of Film History Scott MacDonald's interview with Indonesian/Dutch filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich appears in the current issue of Film Quarterly, and his essay on Russian montage filmmaker Artavazd Peleshian appeared in the February issue of Artforum.

Helmrich's films chronicle the lives of individuals in the world's largest Islamic state, using inventive and engaging camerawork made possible by Helmrich's own devices for moving the movie camera in unusual ways. Helmrich showed two parts of a trilogy--The Eye of the Sun and The Shape of the Moon--at Hamilton's Nature/Place/Cinema conference in the spring of 2008. MacDonald hopes the final film in the trilogy will be ready for the fall F.I.L.M. series. Peleshian is the inventor of an approach to editing he calls "distance montage," in which the meaning of individual shots and sounds in a film accumulate meaning as they are repeated in varying contexts.
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