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UASEM and Hamilton students worked together on the Communication Department's Privacy Project.

Nine high school students from the Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) in New York City visited Hamilton on April 21-22 to collaborate with students and faculty in the Communication Department. The department’s relationship with the UASEM supports student/faculty research on privacy, media and community.

In addition to classroom work sessions, the students had the opportunity to meet and attend a presentation by Phyllis Breland, director of Opportunity Programs and interim director of Diversity and Inclusion. They also participated in a student discussion about college at the Days-Massolo Center, enjoyed a campus tour and attended the musical, Spring Awakening.

When asked in the closing session what they had learned, the students indicated that they better understood the challenges of privacy and social media, as well as the benefits of college.

This is the second year UASEM students have had the opportunity to experience a college environment and share their perspectives regarding social media. The Dean of Faculty Office and the Levitt Center provide support for the ongoing collaboration between Hamilton and the UASEM.

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