Felix Tager ’23, an organizer for March For Our Lives New York, was among the June 11 march participants.
Senior class president Felix Tager ’23 spent a busy summer in Washington, D.C., pursuing two internships.
Felix Tager

Major: History
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
High School: Trevor Day School

He worked with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s (PCRM) nutrition program, helping to ensure that hospitals and medical schools have sustainable healthy foods for their patients and physicians, and ran communications for Yadira Caraveo, the Democratic House of Representative nominee for the new Colorado district (CO-8). Caraveo’s policies fight against inequality in healthcare, a subject that Tager cares about deeply.

For PCRM, Tager assisted chefs on the nutrition team prepare comments when going to conferences and helped moderate discussions between the PCRM’s leadership and members over Zoom. He also attended closed-door White House briefings to plan a nutrition and medicine conference that will take place later this year. 

In his role with Caraveo, Tager was offered a beginner internship helping with social media and worked his way up to lead communication fellow. He planned social media posts, strategized ways to increase engagement with constituents, and proposed op-eds and letters. Tager will continue to run communications for Caraveo through Election Day. 

Pop duo and gun advocates Aly & AJ
Felix Tager ’23 with pop duo and gun violence prevention advocates Aly & AJ at March For Our Lives New York.

Tager is also an organizer for March For Our Lives New York, a youth-led demonstration in support of gun violence prevention legislation. He’s been involved with the organization for four years, the last two of which as a state board member. Recently, as one of the co-leads of the New York State chapter, he oversaw New York City operations. March For Our Lives New York took place on June 11 with an estimated 10,000 attendees. Guest speakers included pop duo and gun violence prevention advocates Aly & AJ. 

“This was all thanks to the help of Josh Rothstein ’19,” Tager says. “He is a great friend and fellow Jan. Josh was someone I met when deciding whether to come to Hamilton, and is one of the main reasons I’m here today.”

Hamilton had a huge role in helping Tager prepare for these experiences. Previously, he had dozens of informational interviews with alumni who have worked on Capitol Hill, in nonprofit spaces, and in advocacy. They pointed him in the direction he wanted to go, and from there he was able to find experiences that suited him.

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As a result of his summer experiences, Tager said that he wants to focus on healthcare inequality and the intersection of policy and advocacy work. When he graduates next spring, he plans to explore this area.

His work with March For Our Lives has also reminded Tager to have faith in himself and those around him. “This summer, real change has been made,” he says. “State governments are enacting new laws to keep us safe, and the federal government passed the first major gun safety bill in nearly three decades. Amidst unprecedented hardship and frustration, change is still happening.”

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