Robert Martin
Robert Martin

“Between Rosanvallon and Rancière: Toward a Theory of Dissentient Democracy” by Professor of Government Robert Martin appeared as the lead article in a special, English-language issue of the Spanish philosophy journal Contrastes, Revista Internacional de Filosofia (Suplemento 20). 

In their introduction to the article, the journal’s editors explained that “in contrast with Pierre Rosanvallon and Jacques Rancière, Martin argues a middle-ground position on the role of disagreement in democratic regimes that places dissent and critique at the core of the political experience...Martin suggests in opposition to both French thinkers an alternative standpoint that accounts for new ways of challenging disagreement.”

They continued, “Under Martin’s interpretation, challenging the status quo is therefore not considered disruptive in democratic politics, but rather it is a feature of his proposed model of democratic theory and practice.”

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