From CNN article on Matt Zeller and No One Left Behind.

Matthew “Matt” Zeller ’04 and his organization, No One Left Behind, were recently mentioned in a Washington Post Article. The article discusses how Zeller’s work has helped Afghan and Iraqi citizens that served as translators for the U.S. during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

No One Left Behind is an organization that seeks to ensure the U.S. State Department upholds its promises of Special Immigrant Visas to combat zone translators. These translators have been seeking refuge in the U.S. since 2008, but are now struggling in poverty without jobs, housing, and health care. The article highlights No One Left Behind’s partnership with other companies, like the rideshare company, Lyft, to provide these translators with the veterans benefits and recognition they deserve.

About matt Zeller '04

Major: Government

Campus Activites: Adirondack Adventure, Model European Union, WHCL Hamilton College Radio, Men’s Rugby

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Zeller is the co-founder and CEO of No One Left Behind, a Truman National Security Fellow, and an adjunct fellow at the American Security Project. He is also the author of Watches Without Time, published in 2012 by Just World Books. Zeller’s work and his organization have been praised by The Journal Gazette, The Washington Post, and CNN.

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