Maura Colley '19 near Rockefeller Center in NYC.

With a broad interest in writing and editing, Maura Colley ’19 knew that there were many directions she could take her summer internship search. “I’ve always been interested in journalism, and thought that working at a magazine would be a great place to get started,” she said.

With magazines covering everything from beauty and style to math and science, Colley needed to decide what subject matter most interested her. “I didn’t want to work for a magazine that only covered trends and lifestyle content, so I looked for smaller publications that covered more pertinent topics,” said Colley.

Eventually, her choice came down to how well-organized and polished the publication was, both in print and online, leading Colley to Worth Magazine, where she works as an editorial team intern. Worth focuses on wealth management and financial interests, and publishes a range of articles and interviews with experts in these fields.

Though she does not know much about finance, Colley was unbothered by the often unfamiliar content of the articles. “Throughout my time at Worth, I concentrated far more on observing the methods Worth uses to reach their audience than in learning the economics behind their articles,” she said. Because Worth has a small team of editorial and operation staff, Colley was able to get to know employees from a variety of teams, and learn about more the various departments in the publication industry.                                          

Maura Colley ’19

Concentration: anthropology

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

High School: Manlius Pebble Hill School


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On a typical day, Colley arrives at the office around 9 a.m., and leaves around 5 p.m.. Her main responsibilities are doing research for profile articles, attending meetings, and helping with interviews. There is always someone available and happy to answer a question if she has one, allowing for a great amount of learning to occur.

By the end of her time at Worth, Colley hopes to have an article published online or in the magazine. Writing for a focused magazine like Worth still appeals to Colley as a potential career option, though she is also interested in exploring the advertising side of publication. “This kind of internship gives you a feel for what a job in this industry is like, but it is framed conveniently as a learning experience,” she said.

Colley's internship was made possible by the George & Martha Darcy Internship Support Fund

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