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Tara McKee
Tara McKee

Associate Professor of Psychology Tara McKee presented a poster on May 30 at the 5th World Congress on ADHD in Glasgow, Scotland. The poster, titled “Social-Emotional Correlates of ADHD Symptomatology in College Students,” presented the results of research conducted last summer with the help of Joshua DeVinney ’15 and Courtney Hobgood ’15.

The researchers examined ADHD symptomatology in 613 students during their first and senior years. The study included measures of social adjustment, emotional health, and risky behavior. The researchers found that greater inattentive symptoms were related to a broader range of negative outcomes and risky behaviors than hyperactive/impulsive symptoms. The study also showed that over time, greater anger control problems and manic symptoms were associated with ADHD symptoms getting worse than was originally predicted.

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