Mediation and the Communication Matrix

Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Catherine Kaha's book, Mediation and the Communication Matrix, explores how media on the screen "reconfigures private and public experience in ways that are fundamentally different than print culture." Kaha focuses on perception, and claims that "one’s knowledge of the world is grounded in perception; that one’s perception contributes in significant ways to an understanding of the social world; that communication technologies are altering our sense of sight, touch, and movement; and finally, that altering the human sensorium will have consequences for our shared understanding of the social world."


"Mediation and the Communication Matrix is a milestone in communication and media studies, as well as screen studies. C. Kaha Waite integrates media ecology scholarship with phenomenological method as she examines the role that communication modes play in aesthetics, perception, consciuosness, and the sense of self. This is a book that will delight scholars and students alike."
-Lance Strate, President, Media Ecology Association and Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University.

"This is a path-breaking book - powerful and innovative... Digital technologies and electronic media redefine the social fabric as well as the concepts of self, person, consciousness, and the post-global universe. C. Kaha Waite gives us the language and the theoretical tools to imagine ourselves into this new future."
-Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

"C. Kaha Waite has written an elegant work that finally puts some flesh on Marshall McLuhan's belief that media work their effects by restructuring the human sensorium and altering modes of being in the world... a wonderful book that extends our knowledge of media and communication."
-James W. Carey, Professor, Columbia University

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