Heather Merrill

Professor of Africana Studies Heather Merrill published an article titled “In Other Wor(l)ds: Situated Intersectionality in Italy” in her co-edited volume Spaces of Danger: Culture and Power in the Everyday. The volume is part of the series “Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation” published by the University of Georgia Press.

Merrill’s essay examines the silences surrounding the taken-for-grantedness of racial hegemony in contemporary Italy. She deploys a concept of situated practices and the critique of binarist categories along with critical race and feminist theory to explore how situated practices inscribe the body and mind with meanings of race and belonging that do not diverge from the dominant discourse, even in counterhegemonic or ostensibly alternative sites.

Her discussion is based on field research on inter-ethnic feminist politics among members of the African Diaspora in Italy.

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