Michael Granof '63 Contributes Op-ed To New York Times

Michael H. Granof, a 1963 graduate of Hamilton College and a professor of accounting at the University of Texas, contributed an op-ed to The New York Times(4/5/04) on how to salvage the damaged reputation of college sports. In an op-ed titled "Sitting Out the Scandals," he proposes that "One way to reform the system is to apply the lessons of Enron and Arthur Andersen to collegiate athletics. When a university's athletic program is engulfed in scandal... more than the coaches and players should be held responsible. So should the university's president."  Granof serves on the University of Texas athletics council.

Granoff wrote, "Big-time athletic programs are often the most visible and high-risk activities of a university. Whether the president of a scandal-ridden college actually knows about any charges of rule violations is beside the point. He should know. Basketball and football programs, after all, are more likely to embarrass a university than its art history department."

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