A piece by Michael Scott displayed in the Xippas Gallery

Michael Scott ’81 recently opened an exhibition of his artwork in Geneva’s Xippas Gallery. A set of works produced between 1980 and 2016, Scott’s exhibit manifests the New York contemporary art scene. This is his second solo exhibition at the Xippas Gallery.

A New York-based artist, Scott has exhibited his work around the world, including at Le Consortium in Dijon, France, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, Switzerland.

A culmination of his work over the decades, the exhibit is in two rooms- the first room has three black and white works from 1991, 2015 and 1990. The second room has a color “mountain landscape” painting from a series Scott made in 1995.

about michael scott ’81

Major: Art

Fraternities: Chi Psi

On Campus Activities: Career Center

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Scott’s work is described as a “visual experience pushed to the extreme. The optical effect brings the viewer to the point where the paintings are almost impossible to watch.” Scott has described his own works as “Op Art on acid.”

There is a reception for the exhibition on Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the gallery in Geneva.

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