Jeremy Mathurin ’16

Jeremy Mathurin ’16 graduated from Hamilton and into a job at the formidable consulting firm Deloitte, in its Washington, D.C., office. On his resume Mathurin had noted that he’d taken an advanced statistical modeling course at Hamilton that focused largely on “R,” a programming language for big data.

His first project at Deloitte was a business-process engineering role to determine the applicability of robotic-process automation software. Mathurin wasn’t certain what that would entail, but he liked the prospect of working in automation implementation. When he asked his project manager why he’d been selected for that work, the answer was that Mathurin was the only person in his incoming class whose resume included substantive analytical skills. 

“That first project was tough not only because it was my first role in consulting, but also due to its technical nature. In consulting, the learning curve can be a bit steep — developing presentation decks, managing clients, managing your own time, managing up, managing down. But I feel like Hamilton prepared me well by giving me a broad set of skills so that I can think analytically while clearly and concisely articulating myself over email, in presentations, and in actual meetings,” he said.

From that first project, Mathurin began to prioritize gaining expertise in technology and automation. He was part of teams that took on increasingly complex automation projects for federal agencies, state governments, and higher education clients.

“We were doing things like incorporating machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, optical character recognition: These are all industry terms for technical capabilities that can make an automation more robust. We were one of the first teams delivering automation as a service in the public sector so it was a really exciting time,” he said.

He’s now working on a master’s degree at Cornell’s S.C. Johnson School of Business, where he received a full tuition scholarship. Mathurin picked the school for its strong tech program. His career goal is to be a thoughtful leader in what he believes is the inevitable automation of business.

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“Slowly but surely, portions of what people do are becoming more and more streamlined and automated,” he said. “And so I feel like with an M.B.A. from an elite institution like Cornell, I can be the leader within a firm that helps bring in automation ethically, with sensitivity toward the people that are going to be affected, toward talent retention and core business operations.

In a next step toward his future, Mathurin landed a summer internship with Microsoft as an account technology strategist. “It is a combination of tech and strategy within the sales organizations. And that was a really exciting offer to receive — Microsoft was my number one choice,” he said.

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