Milliken Floors Recognizes Hamilton for Installation of Carbon Neutral Carpet

Hamilton College was awarded a Respect our Earth certificate from Milliken Floors in recognition of the installation of environmentally responsible and carbon neutral carpet in Keehn Hall. 

Casey Wick, assistant director of custodial services for Physical Plant, said the Milliken Traction Back® carpet tile used are manufactured in such a way that they are considered carbon neutral. Likewise, all of the old broadloom carpet removed is certified as zero landfill material. All of the old carpet is recycled, down cycled or otherwise handled such that there is nothing left to go into a landfill. Milliken, as a whole, is considered carbon negative in its operations. "The Respect our Earth" certificate states Milliken retired an unspecified number of "Carbon Credits" on Hamilton's behalf in recognition of the installation.

Wick noted "We have used the product in several recent installations including the Athletic facilities, Wertimer House and individual rooms in Schambach. Keehn is the largest and most prominent installation on campus. Future plans include using the Milliken products where appropriate," he said. 

For more information about Hamilton's Sustainability efforts, go to http://www.hamilton.edu/sustainability/ .
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