National and regional news organizations regularly interview Hamilton faculty, staff, and students for their expertise and perspectives on current events, and to feature programs and activities on campus.

January’s news highlights ranged from research on bay scallops to an essay on the importance of foreign language study. Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content. Please contact Vige Barrie if you cannot open a link or do not have a subscription.

What’s So Great About Retirement?” – Freakonomics, Jan. 1
Professor of Sociology Emeritus Daniel Chambliss commented.

Theatrical Mustang: Emily K. Harrison’s Sense of Balance” – American Theatre, Jan. 1
This feature article quoted Assistant Professor of Theatre Emily Harrison extensively.

Hamilton College receives $210,000 in grants for humanities projects” – WKTV (Utica NBC affiliate), Jan. 13
U.S. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand announced Hamilton’s receipt of National Endowment for the Humanities funding.

"Dolly Parton: 7 reasons the world loves her" – The Washington Post, Jan. 17
Professor of Music Lydia Hamessley commented on Parton’s songwriting style.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. | Examining Lee” – Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Jan. 16
Visiting Professor of History Ty Seidule addressed this topic.

The Lost Cause” – “Humankind,” WGBH, Jan. 16
Visiting Professor of History Ty Seidule discussed the myth of the Lost Cause. This program was also broadcast on Jacksonville, Fla. public radio WJCT, New Orleans on public radio WWNO, on Milwaukee public radio WUVM, WXXI-AM in Rochester, N.Y., and WRKF-FM in Baton Rouge, La.

How the liberal arts can save higher education” – Big Think, Jan. 17
This article discussed Professor of Sociology Emeritus Daniel Chambliss and his student Chris Takacs’ ’04 research.

The Chess World’s New Villain: A Cat Named Mittens” – The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 18
Senior Will Whalen is the creator of the now-famous chess avatar Mittens.

A Ring of Fire, Millions of Monarchs and Other Rare Natural Phenomena Worth Traveling For” – Smithsonian Magazine, Jan. 20
Professor of Biology Emeritus Ernest Williams discussed butterflies in Mexico.

NY - Climate Change Proves Deadly for Northern Bay Scallops” - Coastal News Today, Jan. 23
This article reported Visiting Assistant Professor Stephen Tomasetti's research on bay scallops in New York waters.

What Belongs in the Marketplace of Ideas” – The Washington Post, Jan. 27
President David Wippman responded to a column by columnist George Will.

What Americans don’t know about other countries does hurt us” – The Hill, Jan. 29
President David Wippman co-authored this op-ed.

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