Monica Inzer
After evaluating nearly 130,000 applications and welcoming more than 9,500 deserving students into the Hamilton community, Vice President for Enrollment Management Monica Inzer will retire on June 30 after 20 years of leading Hamilton’s student recruitment, admission, and financial aid programs. And, thanks to a cohort of generous alumni, her legacy will live on and continue to support future Hamiltonians.

Since Inzer arrived in July 2004, she has been instrumental in Hamilton’s continuous breaking of records in applications, selectivity, yield, diversity, and the academic profile of the entering class. Yet, Inzer – who was a first-generation college graduate – will likely be most remembered for her unwavering dedication to making a Hamilton education attractive and accessible to the most talented and deserving students, regardless of their family’s financial background. Her pivotal role in the decisions to eliminate merit scholarships in 2007 and to become need-blind in admission in 2010, as well as her successful advocacy for increased funding for financial assistance spanning three fundraising campaigns, have significantly strengthened the College’s ability to attract and support the best possible students.

In his message to the community announcing Inzer’s retirement last fall, President David Wippman wrote, “Monica has always focused on the bigger picture, reminding us that offering students acceptance to Hamilton is fundamentally about creating opportunity and the chance to change the lives of talented and deserving students no matter their background.”

Inzer’s profound impact on the Hamilton community led to the establishment of an endowed scholarship in her honor. This scholarship will ensure that Inzer’s mission of making a Hamilton education accessible to all deserving students continues in perpetuity. The Board of Trustees also recently bestowed upon her the title of vice president for enrollment emerita.

“Monica has given so much to all of us and Hamilton,” said Alumni Trustee Dan Rifkin ’88, P’23, who helped establish the scholarship. “What has most impressed me is her generosity – her generosity of knowledge and wisdom as it pertains to admission, Hamilton, and higher education, her generosity of time, and her generosity of spirit. My wife Laura and I feel humbled to foster this.”

Celebrate Monica’s Impact

A newly established endowed scholarship will ensure that Monica Inzer's mission of making a Hamilton education accessible to all deserving students continues in perpetuity.

Inzer, a highly regarded leader in college admissions, is regularly invited by high schools, community organizations, and professional associations to speak about admission, financial aid, parenting, and college access topics. She also contributes frequently to higher education journals and national media outlets.

“In 59 years of association with Hamilton, I have known many of the College’s greats who have made it a special place. However, in my humble opinion, no one has had a greater impact on Hamilton College than Monica,” said Life Trustee Kevin Kennedy ’70. “Hamilton was at an inflection point when she arrived, and what she has achieved is that Hamilton today is a much stronger and more competitive institution. She was the architect and leader of the effort, leaving us in a vastly different position than where we were when she arrived.”

Look for an in-depth interview with Inzer and incoming vice president John McLaughlin in the early fall.

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