Morgan Gives Talk in Paris

Cheryl Morgan
Cheryl Morgan

Associate Professor of French Cheryl Morgan gave a talk in French titled “Nineteenth-Century Noir” at the first “Festival Européen du roman and du cinéma noirs” held in Paris Nov. 13-15.


Morgan’s paper addressed trans-Atlantic literary exchanges in French and American fiction dating back to the early decades of the 19th century to examine the attraction of contemporary American crime fiction writers to France and, in particular, to 19th-century Paris. The paper launched a roundtable discussion “Les Américains à Paris” with American authors Louis Bayard (The Black Tower, 2008) and Jake Lamar (Rendezvous Eighteenth, 2003) and crime fiction specialist Claude Mesplède. Morgan also appeared with Bayard and Lamar on Stéphane Allégret’s radio show Bulles Noires on Radio Libertaire.

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