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Mary Evans '82
Mary Evans '82

MSNBC Quotes Evans '82 on Job Market Competition

By Vige Barrie  |  Contact Mary McLean Evans 315-859-4668
Posted May 23, 2012
Tags Career and Life Outcomes Center Hamilton In the News Liberal Arts Mary Evans quoted Interim Executive Director of Career Center Mary Evans '82 in an article titled “Biggest mistakes made by job-hunting grads” published on May 23 on its LifeInc. - The Economy and You site. Evans stressed how important it is for liberal arts graduates to be able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


“Given the fact that there are thousands of graduates joining the search pool with each commencement weekend, if you aren't able to articulate clearly and plainly why you are uniquely positioned to be the successful candidate, you will not be competitive in the job market,” said Evans. Liberal arts graduates, for example, have to be able to convey “how their education differentiates them from the other candidates using real examples of demonstrated leadership, critical thinking, and writing, research and communications skills,” according to Evans.


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